Idea is still King

In most agencies, no matter how large, each job will be assigned to a creative team. Why? Because history shows that having two creative people living and breathing your brief is a very efficient way to generate effective ideas and be responsible for the result. It’s also the most affordable option for the client.

At Cooch, the idea is king. Because a good idea is the thing that gets your message remembered regardless of the medium. If your message isn’t noticed, it can’t work.

Once the idea is cracked, other people are brought in according to the expertise needed to produce the finished piece. For example, if it’s a TV commercial, a production company will be engaged to produce and shoot the ad. Very few agencies will have these skills in-house because they’re not needed all the time. In fact, one of problems facing the traditional advertising agency model is deciding what skills will be needed in the future.

In the traditional sense, we have three creative teams whose core skills cover creative direction, writing and art direction across all media. Of course, being small we wear other hats as well and sometimes work as one big team, depending on the objective.