Creative Strategy

There are many definitions of strategy and it doesn’t become any clearer when you put the word creative in front of it. We find that it is more productive to concentrate on the preferred outcome of strategic thinking rather than the definitions. 

Strategy is about moving forward. Our view is that a strategy is there to simplify the present in order to make decisions and choices for the future. 

Creative strategy is about deciding how we approach communication objectives without losing sight of the underlying business problem or opportunity. We look at all of the possible things we could say and decide what is most relevant, to who is it most relevant, when we should say it and how your target will prefer to receive your message. After that we make a plan to deliver it in the most effective way that the budget will allow. 

This same process applies regardless of the scale and nature of the project. Creative strategy is relevant to anything from launching a new consumer product to maximising community sponsorships.