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Cancer Council WA


Despite knowing the dangers of excessive sun exposure at the beach, many young people fail to cover up at other times. In addition, there are still some people who think a tan looks attractive and they are willing to get burnt for a better look.

Our job was to raise awareness among adolescents aged 12-17 that they could get sunburnt anywhere, not just at the beach, and that appropriate sun protection measures should be taken whenever they are exposed. 


Marketing to adolescents is difficult. They are skeptical and don't like being told what to do. The key strategy was therefore to remind them they could get sunburnt anywhere, as opposed to ordering them to slip, slop, slap whenever they were outdoors.

With this strategy in mind we developed a number of creative concepts.

Knowing that this market is quick to turn off if they feel they are being patronised or dictated to, we recommended the concepts and tag lines were researched before proceeding. 

The final execution was a literal interpretation of what happens when you don’t cover up. We showed young people in various locations, elevated and spinning like they were cooking on a rotisserie. The tag line “Don’t cook for looks” was created to hold the campaign together.


The 'Don't cook for looks' campaign launched on the first day of summer. Post campaign research conducted by Rob Donovan and Geoffrey Jallah revealed the following:

• Prompted awareness of the ‘Rotisserie’ ad peaked at 85% in the fifth post-survey. 

• The majority of adolescents exposed to the ‘Rotisserie’ ad rated the message as very/quite believable (96%)

• Among respondents who recalled the ‘Rotisserie’ ad, the most frequent response was “you can get sunburnt anywhere/anytime”.

• Slightly over one in two respondents mentioned at least one sun protection behaviour (eg use sunscreen, cover up.)

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