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HomeStart is a building company specialising in the first homebuyer market. The problem we face with this market is they don't realise they can afford a new home, so there's no point trying to sell them one. But sales are vital, so how do we get these people on board? How do we get leads for the sales staff?


The strategy we used was to position HomeStart as somewhere to go for advice if you're looking for an alternative to renting.

For this lead generation exercise, we created a fully integrated 'Rent Rescue' campaign. Of the total budget, $15,000 was allocated as a main prize and a micro site was created as the only entry point. To drive visits, a combination of display press, classifieds, online and radio was used.


Lead generation was immediate. This was done by targeted questioning at the entry point which refined the prospects and separated genuine leads from the rest. These leads were forwarded to sales staff from day one.

By tracking the program, we could streamline the media buy from week to week. When it became apparent radio and online was driving most of the interest, we were able to reduce the spend on press, saving the client tens of thousands of dollars with minimal drop off in entries or leads.

In total, there were 34,422 page views and 8799 unique visitors over the three month campaign period.


Rent Rescue press
Rent Rescue press
Rent Rescue website
Rent Rescue entry form
Rent Rescue classifieds
Rent Rescue classifieds


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